Wiszniewski B. (ed.), Intelligent Interactive Systems Technologies

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Słowa kluczowe / Keywords: speech recognition, biometric identity verification, biosignals, analysis of human behavioral patterns, feature extraction, language models, video games, virtual immersive environments, linking music data, knowledge processes


All research areas discussed in this book are the subject of intensive research conducted for many years at the Department of Intelligent Interactive Systems at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at Gdansk University of Technology. The common denominator of this activity is allowing people to interact with the computer in the most natural and obvious way, regardless of their age, training, education or degree of disability. Arguing somewhat with Turing’s expectations as expressed in the concept of his famous ’imitation game’, there is hardly no need for computers to deceptively impersonate human beings. Nobody expects them to today. Instead, users would rather expect computer applications and systems to play all day long a role of obedient servants – skillful executors of commands, wise advisers, understanding teachers, good entertainers, caring helpers, and so on – depending on the time of day, need of a current situation or user’s mood. The examples in this book show that today’s AI and visualization solutions, supported by the vast resources of data available on the Internet, are dealing with these challenges quite well. And, as may be seen, each day they can do more.

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